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Keeping your ROI high is our highest priority by using our proprietary technology.We achieve your business goals by using cost effective solutions, expertise team and best set of app developers.Working with Tapmyads is 100% guarantee of your online presence and profitability. By utilising, our best in class technology, years of experience to make sure your business stands out of crowd. We can take care of your campaign so you can focus on your business.

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We can guarantee your complete online presence

We have expertise in mobile marketing which can take your campaigns to an another level.
We cover most verticals and work with all monetization models available, diversifying our practices to meet our clients’ requirements for a successful app install campaign.
We work on video campaigns from mobile through high defination buffere free video to boost your brand value and proposition.
We completely manage and plan your social media campaigns on facebook,twitter,instagram,pinterest in cost-effective way.
We generate long term leads for your with our specialised lead generation via emails so you get returning customers.
We have industry leading technology to make your online presence with every aspect of available media such as mobile,display,video,email,social.

Best in class customer service and results

We are committed to maximise Advertisers ROI and put the right ads in front of the right users at right time by leveraging our optimisation algorithm.

60B+ Monthly Impressions

1M+ In-App Events a month

18 Leading verticals

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We work with thousands of global advertisers, across dozens of industries and verticals. No matter what size your business, big or small, we have solutions that can help you grow by leveraging our proprietary technology and suite of online tools.

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